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My name is Camilo Correa (aka Kamel Froschmann), and I am a self-taught fine art and street photographer. Born in Chillán, Chile and living in Berlin since 2010. My work relies on the topics memory, migration and their treatments. The authenticity of the moment precedes rococo and planning.

Using analogue techniques I tell stories in which the protagonists are living their existences and their identities are questioned.


I founded Camelstudios at 2010 and it's my world, my fantasy, my gift. It's a production company for fine art and media content for the human beings of the XXI century.


After many travels connecting the world, I decided to build a bridge between [my identities] Berlin, Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile in order to move people to make art for people.


"Everybody can have an opinion here,

we are meant to make this world funnier, more real and easier to live in."  


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