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"Almost two years after the social outbreak in Chile. A tribute to its citizens and to the First Line. A film shot in Berlin with performances by international artists, the music of Victor Jara and images of the uprising captured by eyewitnesses."

HIJXS  DE LA REBELDIAGermany, 2020/21

It's an art-documentary short film based on Patricio Soto's homonymous theater play.

As a reflection on the events occurred in Chile October 2019. South-american and German artists developed performances about the social discontent. Victor Jara's music has inspired this art-documentary, that reenacts intimate situations of the protesters daily life at Plaza Dignidad (Zero Zone),


Revolutions need more than strength and energy, they need also joy, a tender smile, soup kitchens, dance and music.


A [no-budget + no profit] movie made out international solidarity and creativity was forged in Berlin, in order to send an empathy message to the people living and struggling in Chile and the World.

HIJXS DE LA REBELDIA was only possible thank to the commitment and solidarity of conscious world citizens and artists.

- The archive material that we used come from kind documentary filmmakers, illustrators, graphic designers,  photographers and dedicated and revolucionary content projects for free journalism.

We specially thank to:

Jorge Uzón

Marco Sepulveda

Gianluca Costantini


Prensa Opal Chile

La Primavera de Chile (ChileRegistra)

Fundación Victor Jara



- All fiction scenes were shot in Berlin in a Friedrichshain's backyard.

- We had more than 40 extras as protesters, most of them Chileans, Spanish speakers and Germans.

- The Scenography is an 80 m2 Graffiti made by the artist Pingüino Unfi.

- The Star of the movie is a dog, Bonnie, playing the revolts hero "Negro Matapacos".

- Just one actress in the whole cast is Chilean, most of them have Ecuadorian, Peruvian, Bolivian or Argentinian identities.

Would you wanna know more?

Would you like to see/show the movie? 


Contact us:

ig: @hijxsdelarebeldiaberlin

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