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Dual Exhibition - October 2018

Curators Adam&Correa present in Wild Tales Bar an adventurous concept in this new exhibition. Based on the latest works of the neo-landscape photograph Wolfgang Glück was designed this Penissage. On a later stage of development choosed Adam&Correa the portrait photographer Kamel Froschmann for â dialectical treatment of Glücks work. The result is an explosive manifest for the coming viril-archetypical revival.

CHICX_chilean Connection

Collective Exhibition - September 2018

In a cooperation with ACUD Theater, the curator Jose Contreras built a stage for the young chilean artists and musicians living in Berlin. At this exhibition our photograph K. Froschmann presented a work of the collection "The Apollonian and the Dionysian", which is a common project with his mentor Melanie Garland. This is the first photo intervention draft that both artists shaped in the StudioMigra in Moabit.


Experimental - Art Video - 2018

A StudioMigra's coproduction. This conceptional art work symbolizes the ilusion of comunication between people.

"It is a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing" said Melanie Garland about the physical-temporal space in which ths perfomance took place. With the music of Pia Achternkamp and the subtle perfomance of a Jana Doudova.

Le luthier latino-américain /// WIP

Mini Documentary - 2018

Javier is a well-respected instrument maker from the south of Chile. He has invested the last 15 years of his life in the rescue of traditional latin-american instruments. It isn't a well paid job, but it gives a lot of satisfactions. Today he became again an apprentice. In the south of France he is learning how to build a 300 years old violin. Why is he doing that?  

Kalmak Canac - Der Film

Short Film - 2017

Mayor short film coproduced by Camelstudios. The master piece of Tim Adam (Direction and Photography) and Jannis Hollmann (Kalmak Canac himself) bring us to reflect on the most important aspect of the immigration dilemma: the human one. Through an absurd and surreal action film parody this two guys introduce us in the world of intercultural friendship. Using a strong load of the blackest humor (that Germany saw in the last 20 years) they tell us the adventure of a berlin super hero, with a unknown migration background, on the struggle for the recovery of his only possession: friendship. Even Tarantino would be positive surprised seeing this desperate call against loneliness.  [k.froschmann]

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